Reception of the olives hand picked from the olive tree one by one and transported in boxes so that they do not suffer any damage. Once picked they are cleaned of remains of dirt.


We classify olives according to their sizes and we only use the bigger olives and those that have not suffered any damaged.

Oliven in Salzlake
Oliven in Salzlake

Die Oliven werden nun in Fässern zu 150 kg gefüllt. Den Oliven wird Quellwasser, Meersalz und Waldkräuter zugegeben. Die genaue Rezeptur bleibt natürlich ein Familiengeheimnis.

Olives of the arbequina variety are ready to be preserved in pots and later consumed.

We check the size and quality of the olives that are going to be preserved in pots.

We fill the glass pots with olives of the arbequina variety.

Abfüllen der Arbequina-Oliven
Abfüllen der Arbequina-Oliven

The pots are filled with water (samuela), the same water from the barrels, preserving the environment.

In the same step we put on the tops and seal the pots.

Pots are put in metal baskets before they are put in the “bath” of hot water (bain marie).

Olives are pasteurized in a hot water bath, so they can be preserved NATURALLY for 2 years, without any kind of PRESERVATIVES or STABILIZERS as our grandmothers used to do at home.

This is the final result of all the process of the elaboration of the olives. The pots are ready to be labelled and put in boxes.

When the pots are labelled, we print on the label: a sell by date, contents and the manufacturing number.

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